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It is important to prepare for this and other potential outbreaks. GFM’s goal is to help reduce the threat of outbreak through proper procedure and facility care during and after the spread of any outbreaks. We use products and tools that are designed for this type of situation and we focus on routine cleaning, as well as extra precautions around “high-touch/touch-point” surfaces and high contamination areas. GFM will work hard to sanitize during and after the spread of any outbreaks and provide education on how employees can work to keep themselves safe.

In addition GFM offer its customers with an additional and specific cleaning option beyond regular provided services to help prevent the spread. GFM continues to monitor the most recent procedures and recommendations of experts and organizations as well as educating our team with webinars tailored specifically for the COVID-19 outbreak, so we can ensure proper and accurate information is being shared in order to provide correct ways to avoid and minimize the spread of virus in each property. GFM will keep  working hard to keep the safety our customers and team members at this time by providing "Solutions..Not Excuses"



Guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) indicates that routine cleaning will be appropriate for most areas. Certain high traffic areas such as the ones listed below may need additional cleaning (as often as several times daily):


  • Doorknobs

  • Elevator buttons

  • Light switches

  • Faucet handles

  • Publicly used telephones

  • Computer monitors, mice and keyboards

  • Counter tops and conference tables

  • Cafeteria tables, coffee pots and vending equipment.

  • Microwave/Refrigerator touch points


  1. Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, with soap and water. If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. 

  2. Cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue or flexed elbow when coughing or sneezing, then throw the tissue in the trash.

  3. Avoid close contact with people who are unwell.

  4. Stay home when you are sick.

  5. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.


• Provide thorough training and preparedness to all GFM Team Members. 
• For personal Safety we require all GFM Team Members to always use proper personal equipment. 
• If a Team member is showing signs of illness or ill, they will be told to stay home until completely recovered to refrain from spreading illness to others. 
• Hand hygiene is strongly urged, which would include thorough washing of hands after cleaning. 
• Ongoing detail Cleaning of surfaces and items that are most likely to be touched frequently with the cleaning EPA approved disinfectant.  
• GFM Team Members are required to make sure that supplies such as tissues, soap, and alcoholbased hand cleaners are stocked at all times. 
• GFM Team Members are advised not to clean with dry dusting or sweeping as this may create aerosols. Use damp cleaning methods and disinfectants are strongly urged.  
• Cleaning of all and high contamination areas is done with disposable material.  
• Any and all Cleaning equipment are cleaned and disinfected daily after each use. 
• Cleaning and disinfection procedures are done with an EPA approved disinfectant.


GFM trains and retrains its employees to abide with the guidance rules to stop and prevent the spread of COVID-19. ​

COVID-19 spreads among people who are in close contact (within about 6 feet) for a prolonged period. Spread happens when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks, and droplets from their mouth or nose are launched into the air and land in the mouths or noses of people nearby. The droplets can also be inhaled into the lungs. Studies indicate that people who are infected but do not have symptoms likely also play a role in the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing helps limit opportunities to come in contact with contaminated surfaces and infected people. Although the risk of severe illness may be different for everyone, anyone can get and spread COVID-19. Everyone has a role to play in slowing the spread and protecting themselves, their family, and their community by implementing social distancing. 


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